17 06, 2019

Meet the Intern: Ramisa Reza

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Meet Ramisa Reza! Ramisa is our Special Events and Fundraising Intern for the summer. She is a rising Junior at Purdue University majoring in Public Relations & Strategic Communication, as well as Global Studies.   What brought you to Peace Learning Center? I aspire to a career in the non-profit sector! While my current studies are focused on global issues, I was determined to take this summer to become active in my local community. When researching Indianapolis based non-profits, Peace Learning Center was perhaps the most dynamic organization I found. Additionally, it boasted a cause that I care about, as I was actually in the midst of an awesome Peace Studies class! I was eager to put my education into use and after having the chance to speak to Jay Horan and Tiffany Talbert, I felt this opportunity would be a valuable first step into my dream field.    What is a cause you’re passionate about and how does it relate to PLC? My interests lie particularly in Human Rights. Being a first-generation American, I have always been hyper-aware of the privileges I have had in my life when compared to the life I could have lived in a developing nation. The rights and freedoms we hold, from freedom of expression to the right to an education, are not as common around the world as we may think. And while cultural relativity cannot be overlooked, I do believe we, as a world, can offer better. As such, I would argue that it is at the intersection of Human Rights and

10 06, 2019

Meet the Intern: Sara Hafyane

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Meet Sara Hafyane! Sara is one of our Youth Program Interns for the summer. She is going into her fourth year at IUPUI. She is studying Environmental Policy and Sustainable Management with a minor in Geography. What brought you to the Peace Learning Center? I've always been interested in the place whenever I'd hike by from its name because it sounded interesting. As I did more research I saw their mission statement and what they do and wanted to work with them. They posted that they were looking for an intern on social media and that was how I got into contact with them. What is a cause you’re passionate about and how does it relate to PLC? I am very passionate about the environment. From a young age I spent most of my time in parks and I feel at home when I'm in nature. I really like the placement of PLC and how it is in the middle of the biggest city park in Indiana. When people, especially kids, come out to PLC they can get a chance to truly connect with nature and they'll understand why we all have to take care of it. The PLC has a summer camp partnered with Earth Charter Indiana that has a focus on Climate Change and combatting it locally which I think is amazing. What are you hoping to get out of this summer/your internship? I hope to gain

15 05, 2019

Meet the Intern: Kate Owens

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HI! I’m Kate Owens and I’m this summer’s Marketing and Communications intern at Peace Learning Center! I’m currently a senior at IU Lily School of Philanthropy. Majoring in philanthropic studies allows me to learn about the history of philanthropy and theories to be effective as well as the tangible skills necessary to succeed in a non-profit setting. In my free time, I love to travel and go to concerts. I also spend an inappropriate amount of time binge-watching shows I have already seen. I am incredibly passionate about mental health and social justice issues. The role mental health plays in the lives of individuals and communities cannot be overstated. Mental health awareness can lead to a healthier and more productive society. I see mental health to not only include mental illness in a clinical sense but also part of every individual's overall wellbeing.  It also includes the development of healthy coping skills, emotional intelligence, and the importance of self-care.  Mental health issues also have a major impact on other societal issues like the criminal justice system and addiction. I believe love in action through kindness and peace is one of the greatest ways to solve problems and strengthen communities and Peace Learning Center’s mission is the perfect embodiment of that. Martin Luther King Jr. sums it up best: “Love, agape, is the only cement that can hold this broken community together. When I am commanded to love, I am

5 07, 2018

Meet the Intern: Sam Jo

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Hello everybody! I am Samantha Clark and am one of the interns at Peace Learning Center this summer. I am currently a sophomore at Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis studying social work and would like to continue on to get my master’s in the same field. My goal is to become a school counselor. I have always loved working with youth and learning more ways to help teach, guide, and support them as they grow. Children are our future and I want to do my part to help it be a bright one! I actually started my internship in late April because I also work as a nanny in the summer and I wanted to get as much experience as possible while I could. I am very grateful to Peace Learning Center for allowing me to work with all the amazing people there, and to all the wonderful children I have met along the way. I have never worked so closely with a nonprofit organization before and it is honestly eye-opening and amazing to see what it takes to make this organization work. I have even thought about minoring in philanthropy or nonprofit as a result of the experience I’ve had there. My experience here at PLC has been more than amazing so far. It has been awesome working with and learning from the people at Peace Learning Center. Popular Education is a big thing we focus on

19 06, 2018

From the Intern: Hi, from Helmi

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Hello everyone. My name is Helmi Khosyi and I am one of two communications interns for the summer. I am currently a senior at Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) studying psychology. I have a strong interest in nonprofit work. My interest stems from my family who has always emphasized putting the community first. I believe in the idea of a collectivistic community and Peace Learning Center encapsulate this idea by teaching young students to professionals about conflict resolution techniques, teaching effective communication skills and many other programs that are offered to the community. I learned about Peace Learning Center (PLC) during a Nonprofit Expo at IUPUI. I was with my friend and we came across the PLC table when we first walked in. We talked with Jay (Director of Engagement) and Tiffany (Director of Operations) who taught us that interning at PLC would be time spent working with kids at Eagle Creek. Personally, I was looking for an internship that I wanted to better the community and work with a diverse group of people. After learning more about PLC, the same day I chatted with Jay and Tiffany, I sent in my resume and thankfully received the light of day to come intern here. During my time here I look forward to helping make a change and learn more about the ins-and-outs of nonprofit work. I anticipate this summer to be exciting and eventful. Peace Learning Center

24 07, 2017

A Fulfilling Summer Experience for an Intern

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You may be familiar with the lyrics of a 1985 Whitney Huston song called The Greatest Love of All, “I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside …” I really believe in the message of this song. To make the biggest change on our world, it starts with our children. Because of this belief (and even as a grown woman), I decided to go back to school and become a school teacher. I learned about Peace Learning Center through a program called The Journey Fellowship. As a Journey Fellow Student, I needed to work as an intern at any location of my choosing that was somehow connected to youth work. When I heard about Peace Learning Center and all that it had to offer to our communities, I applied immediately! It seemed too good to be true. A place that values children as not only part of the community but also as leaders in our community! This not only aligned with how I view the world and children, but it validated that we are in sync with something bigger. Through my summer here I not only received amazing Professional Development trainings, the opportunity to participate in community events, connections with other amazing forward thinking youth focused organizations, but I have received much more in watching the youth of our community grow to understand

7 02, 2017

Peace From the Eyes of Rose Voigt, Intern

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Because I believe that conflict is inevitable, the meaning of peace and how to achieve it will always change with time. Peace means open and honest conversation is encouraged, and no one is silenced. Healthy mediation is in place, and nonviolent tactics are used to manage conflicts. Honest and respectful relationships exist, and individuals protect one another. I think that peace can be achieved, however, it is not an easy task by any means. Peace can be achieved through mediation, conversation, democracy, and nonviolence. My most memorable moment with PLC so far was helping with the MLK 19th Annual Community Festival on January 14th. I really enjoyed being a part of such an important event for our community. Participating in this event was an honor, and I truly have learned more about leadership. “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared" is a quote by Buddha I live by.  I always want to live a peaceful life and constantly try to make other people feel more happy and accepted. Rose is currently taking a short break from school. She was previously at Butler University from Fall 2015-Fall 2016 in the Peace and Conflict Studies program. After this semester off from school, she will be attending IUPUI to study Philanthropy. Rose has a broad interest in all social issues, but in particular, she finds herself mainly

30 01, 2017

Peace, From the Eyes of Lexie Brown, Intern

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To me, Peace means the opportunity for genuine dialogue. As Martin Buber called it, the “I and Thou” moments. In those moments, there are no hidden agendas, no assumptions, and no judgments. There are only people coming together to talk and listen.  I think peace can be achieved through the “I and Thou” moments. Everyone just needs to be willing to open themselves up to others.  It is hard for me to pick a most memorable moment at Peace Learning Center, as all of my moments have been memorable. I have only been there for two weeks, but I have already learned quite a bit about what it is like behind the scenes at a nonprofit. I will also never forget how everyone was kind and welcomed me in from the very beginning.  To quote my favorite lyric, from my favorite song in the musical RENT, “Forget regret, or life is yours to miss.”  I try to live by this quote because life is too short to have regrets. Worrying over something behind you can keep you from learning the lessons of the past. Not only that, but it can keep you from enjoying yourself in the present.

3 11, 2016

From the Intern

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I love being at IUPUI because of the extra little somethings, exhibits, and events the campus hosts to promote the never-ending amounts of diversity we have pouring into Indianapolis. Today there was an Allies for Inclusion: The Ability Exhibit, emphasizing the inclusion for those who may be mentally or physically disabled. Though there may be challenges they are still able to do whatever they might set their mind to. Starbucks also just released and has begun selling their holiday cups as we approach the holiday season. There have already been complaints about the cup not being red or not including Santa or Jesus on the cup. Some tweets have gone as far as to accuse Starbucks of hating Christmas. All of this because of a cup. Howard Schultz spoke up prior to the cup design being released. He expressed that the cup was covered with a vast amount of people and faces all of different origins and diverse appearances to exemplify unity and the act of standing together. Inclusion is not hard, and we're all here together, striving for whatever dream we have. Instead of pushing one another down or ignoring someone entirely, in my eyes, building each other up is the only productive way to live with others.  

3 08, 2016

Peace From the Eyes of Leah Trimpe, Summer Intern

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Peace to me means bringing a community together where distance and miscommunication were once major hurdles. I believe peace consists of working through those problems towards the common good of the community. To be able to achieve peace, we as a society must start accepting and celebrating each other's differences. Once we see past these differences, we can start creating a community of peace. I also think in teaching the next generation to celebrate those differences will help our community since they are the future. I chose to intern at the PLC because I wanted to improve my skills at facilitating discussion among a group. I also had the opportunity got to work with kids of all ages which taught me how to adapt to any situation.  While interning here, I was most surprised by the discussions we had as a group when talking about how to treat one another. I thought it would be too broad of a topic for younger kids to process, but they were the ones who contributed the most to our discussions. I was challenged when they would ask rather hard questions--making me think about my own choices in my personal life. This job really required me to reflect on my actions, and how I can change them to become a better role model to the younger generation. After participating in a day at the PLC, I hope the groups will remember the lessons we gave on affirmation. As a young person, you are

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