19 05, 2016

Koinonia Project – Phase 2

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Around this time last year, Peace Learning Center's Youth Development Facilitator, Melita Carter, embarked on a dream to help reinvigorate the East Side through a service project that would bring youth, public servants, and the community as a whole together. This project, aptly named Koinonia, meaning to propel the community forward, has been accomplished so much in the past year. She hoped that it would create a sense of ownership for her community to compel them to care for their neighbors and the world we live in. Phase 1 of the Koinonia Project involved a three-day clean-up of the East Side. Volunteers collected over 500 bags of trash in their quest to clean up the streets! Phase 2 of Koinonia is now underway and involves having local artists paint six traffic boxes across the East Side. The first of these traffic boxes has now been completed. The box is located on the corner of 38th and Mitthoeffer in front of John Marshall High School, one of Peace Learning Center's partner schools. The first box artwork was designed and done by N. Beth Line. "This box will provoke through conversations, joy, love, peace, community building," Melita Carter. The artist, N. Beth Line, said she's received nothing but good feedback and people yelling from their cars "good job!" "that's beautiful!" and "thank you!" "My thoughts at the beginning of this project were that I am tired of

19 02, 2015

Koinonia Project

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The Koinonia Project KOINONIA: Greek word, κοινωνία, which means communion, joint participation; the share which one has in anything, participation, a gift jointly contributed, a collection, a contribution, etc. Join together in the spirit of GENEROUS SHARING through the Koinonia Project to find common unity in service and share in the responsibility of our caring for our community! #CommonUnity Click here to donate! Would you like to learn more? Contact project coordinator Melita Carter at mcarter@peacelearningcenter.org or at 317-450-5403.  

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