The Mindful Path – Continuous Partial Attention

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Hello again from guest blogger, Lisa Robinson! Here in this blog, The Mindful Path, I share with you what I find on my journey to mindfulness. This week, let’s explore the Institute for Mindful Leadership at At this site, you’ll find a wealth of resources to learn more about the importance of mindfulness for leaders, and about how to become more mindful. Here is a link to the article “Finding the Space to Lead” on the Institute for Mindful Leadership site: The article was originally in the February 2014 issue of Mindful magazine (for many resources from this publication, go to A sidebar quote in the article made me stop and reflect: “The work of developing leadership presence through mindfulness begins by recognizing how much time we spend in a mental state that has come to be called continuous partial attention.” I had to think about this because I can be far too busy trying to juggle things yet not effectively accomplishing very much. Ouch! Through that continuous partial attention, I can take in bits and pieces, yet not truly focus so that I can appreciate the whole. This can hamper my ability to manage the team of employees that reports to me in my job. I can end up feeling frazzled and frantic. It just doesn’t work. Knowing myself, I’ll benefit from getting into a routine of deliberate action. I want to start each week with