24 07, 2015

Take a Peace Hike!

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TAKE A PEACE HIKE! Taking a peace hike is one of the most anticipated activities for the hundreds of children who visit us at our home in Eagle Creek Park each summer for our Peacebuilders Camp program. For many, it's their only chance to get outside and explore nature each year. We have even heard our campers say, "Is that the ocean?" as they gaze at the reservoir.   According to Richard Louv who wrote the book "Last Child in the Woods," nature deficit disorder is the psychological, physical, and cognitive costs of human alienation from nature which is especially detrimental for children in their developing years. Time spent in nature - even a walk through trees in an urban park - can have a positive impact on mental and physical health and enhance learning. Exposure to nature can improve resistance to negative stresses and depression. And the protective impact of nearby nature is strongest for the most vulnerable children - those experiencing the highest levels of stress from overwhelming life events.  So, we hope you'll make some time to get your children outside and encourage them to enjoy the many benefits of nature.  Learn more about Peace Learning Center programs by visiting our website atpeacelearningcenter.org/what-we-do/

10 04, 2014

Baby Squirrel Rescued!

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Certified Squirrel Rescuer Saves Baby Squirrel! We were excited to see a white squirrel pup at Peace Learning Center. Unfortunately, while its mama was giving it jumping lessons, it fell out of a tree.  Luckily, the person we called at Eagle Creek Park's Earth Discovery Center was Dawn Van Deman who just happens to be a "certified squirrel rescuer". She rescued this "half white squirrel" and is in process of bringing it to health and releasing it back into the wild. Thank you Dawn! Squirrel Baby is in rehab (food, rest, medicine) and after going to a squirrel cultural assimilation center will be released back into the park. Very cool. We're sure mama squirrel will be very happy, too!

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