30 09, 2015

Mr. Anybody Lesson

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The Mr. Anybody Lesson I have been known to ask educators and youth workers, "How do we get better at basketball or become better readers?" Without hesitation, they always tell me, "practice." Next I ask, "how do we get better at resolving conflict?" Almost always I am answered with silence. In some groups who are willing to be honest, I hear things like "You get sent to the principal's office" or "you get told to be quiet." The skills required to coexist peacefully with each other are the same skills that help us learn together and help us create healthy communities. Believe it or not, much of our time is spent convincing those who work with children that these skills deserve time and attention. If we know that a healthy school climate helps keep kids learning and keeps them in school, why don't we prioritize the learning which creates that healthy school climate? Maybe it's because teachers don't feel adequately prepared to do so. Maybe it's because teachers have been warned against taking a few minutes from curriculum, standards, and pacing guides to tune in to what is really needed in their classrooms. We at Peace Learning Center have found, after 18 years of working with youth,that a small investment in time and energy pays off in lasting and remarkable ways. The lasting value of peace education hit home for me, literally, when one of our facilitators worked with my daughter's

16 07, 2015

5 Tips for Parents

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5 TIPS FOR PARENTS Parents have tremendous responsibilities. Each child is born into this world with an open heart and open mind. Each moment helps shape a young person's thoughts and feelings for a lifetime. With four children in our household, my wife Meg and I get many chances to raise young people. Each child is different with their unique personalities. Parenting is the most rewarding and consuming part of life I've experienced. Here are a few ideas about parenting I've picked up over the last 20 years: Tim with his extended family at last year's Mustached Turtle Dash! Kids need love and acceptance - not criticism and judgment - but it is a balance. Can you be a nurturing authority that sets boundaries and tolerates action within those boundaries? It is better to have positive and open relationships with your children than an oversight and monitoring role. Our children need us when they get in trouble. If they think sharing with you will get them in deeper trouble and not be helpful, you may miss opportunities before things really get bad. Keep calm and don't yell. I've had my share of mad dad moments to later regret my behavior because the louder you get, the louder the whole house will be. Not a good example. In this age of computers and electronic devices, it is best to make plans and tell your kids they will be joining

2 07, 2015

Parenting Thru Peace

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  PARENTING THROUGH PEACE (Part 3) - ADHD When a child has ADHD, parents often find it difficult to create and sustain a peaceful household. Armed with knowledge and a sense of humor, Tamara Castleman, M.Ed., will help you see ADHD in a positive light and provide tips on maintaining a peaceful home environment in the face of a challenging neurological condition. This workshop is designed to give parents and caregivers a deepened understanding of ADHD along with strategies for making the most of your child’s strengths. When: Sunday, Nov. 15, 2-5 pm Where: Peace Learning Center More Details: Childcare is available for children 5-12 years old. This workshop is free and open to the public. However, registration is required. Click here to register to attend.  Park passes will be provided to registrants. Making it through Middle School in One Peace is presented by Tamara Castleman, a PLC guest volunteer facilitator Tamara Castleman is a parent, educator, and artist who is passionate about helping families co-exist peacefully, in a way that empowers each family member to meet his or her highest potential. Tamara has a Bachelor's degree from Indiana University and a Masters of Education with an emphasis in Montessori Integrated Learning from Endicott College. She is also certified as a Montessori teacher for children 6-12 years old by the Institute for Educational Studies (TIES).

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