17 07, 2021

SEL Strategy: Five Emojis

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Did you know that July 17th is National Emoji Day? To celebrate, we're sharing a social-emotional check-in strategy that works for groups of any size and folks of all ages! Check out the video above to hear the directions and learn about ways this activity can be extended. These free slides make this a zero prep strategy for the classroom.

10 02, 2021

Tribes Learning Communities is Now Peace Learning Circles

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Peace Learning Center has begun a rebranding process for the social emotional learning program formerly known as Tribes Learning Communities. Beginning February, the organization will now refer to the program as Peace Learning Circles or abbreviated as PLC. David Gibbs, former owner and son of Jeanne had this to say about the renaming, ". We support the name change decision and look forward to witnessing the continued growth and development of Peace Learning Circles. The importance of building healthy, caring communities for learning has never been greater." The name change and rebranding come in an effort to update the program materials, designs, and language to meet the needs and knowledge of the ever-changing educational and equity landscapes. During this transition period Peace Learning Center will be notifying stakeholders, updating materials (both in design and content), and continuing to build the program and its outreach. “We are forever grateful for the opportunity to further Jeanne’s [Founder, Author of Tribes] legacy and grow the program for a better and brighter tomorrow,” stated Tim Nation, Executive Director of Peace Learning Center. Peace Learning Circles better reflects the intentionality and inclusivity that the program and its curriculum’s objectives aim toward. “When Jeanne conceived of the Tribes program in the 1970s, many would have heard the name and thought little of its cultural connotations. ‘Tribes’ evoked images of community and connectedness. This line of thinking likely persisted into recent years in large part because

10 06, 2020

A New Chapter for Peace Learning Center

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When Jeanne Gibbs wrote the first Tribes book in the 1970’s, little did she realize that the Tribes Learning Community process would help build community in educational settings well into the 21st century. In the last 25 years, with the support of many dedicated staff and district trainers, Tribes has reached over 46,000 educators and their students in over 10,500 schools in 43 countries. This leading social emotional learning (SEL) program currently offers training for elementary, middle and high school educators, as well as after school and youth development programs. The future of Tribes is now brighter than ever! Peace Learning Center (PLC) is pleased to announce that Jeanne and her home tribe have chosen us to lead Tribes Learning Communities moving forward. PLC has been working in the Indianapolis community for 23 years, serving over 230,000 youth and adults. After years of collaborative efforts between Tribes and Peace Learning Center, two like-minded organizations, we are collectively excited about this new chapter for Peace Learning Center. TLC to PLC… a perfect fit! Peace Learning Center's programs fall into three pillars 1) Social Emotional Learning 2) Equity and 3) Restorative Justice. Tribes will fill a gap in services with an evidence-based curriculum that all of our program facilitators have now been trained in. PLC staff will continue working in Central Indiana schools and the community with youth, teachers, and youth-workers using what they have learned from Tribes in addition to the

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