7 06, 2021

Emma Horton – Eagle Scout Candidate Completes PLC Service Project

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Emma Horton is one of our country’s first female Eagle Scout candidates. A senior at North Central High School in Indianapolis, she decided to focus her community service project at Peace Learning Center inside Eagle Creek Park because of its mission to help people learn how to be peacemakers. Completing a needs assessment of the facility, Emma chose to install new safety rails including a 70’ handrail along a stairway trail to the water behind the building. A newer stairway did not include a handrail down the steep descent to Eagle Creek Reservoir. Two other handrails leading from upper parking to the building were damaged and needed replaced.  In addition, because of Covid and the need for more outdoor spaces, Emma chose to construct new picnic benches. Altogether Emma recruiting 30 volunteers to help with the project contributing over 166 hours of labor. “We are so thankful for all the work Emma and her team completed to help Peace Learning Center,” said Tim Nation.  “ Not only did they address facility safety concerns, they also added outdoor place to serve young people this summer and beyond.” Here are some of the pictures:

20 05, 2021

Statewide (Free) Restorative Practices Train the Trainer -Apply Today!

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Peace Learning Center, in partnership with DMHA, has created a FREE train-the-trainer program for schools across the state of Indiana. In the Fall of 2021, the module for the Northern region of Indiana will begin.  . Each participating school will send a small team who will: Receive 5 days of training and will emerge as trainers, capable of training the rest of your staff Receive all training materials and resources Create a restorative discipline plan to help move your practices from punitive to restorative Be connected to a cohort of other schools to learn from and share resources Receive support and consultation from Peace Learning Center The training will be held completely virtually via Zoom. Apply here.

20 04, 2021

Statement on the Derek Chauvin trial verdict, and the need to continue fighting for justice

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Today we celebrate the verdict in the murder of George Floyd, but we do not celebrate the circumstances and systems that created an America in which this could occur. We acknowledge that, in many ways, Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdicts are too little, too late. Yet, we want to honor that today marks the first time in American history our judicial system has sent the message that Black Lives Matter and that police violence is not co-signed by all. Given the racist foundations of our nation's judicial system and governing laws, we realize that our society can only begin to imagine what accountability can and should look like. As Keith Ellison so clearly stated, “I would not call today’s verdict justice, however. Because justice implies true restoration. But it is accountability, which is the first step toward justice. And now the cause of justice is in your hands.”  To our white community members, we ask you to continue disrupting racism in all forms, to grow into active co-conspirators, and to celebrate instances of Black joy and excellence as often as you highlight Black suffering.  To our Black and brown community members, we offer you our continued solidarity and support. We will continue alongside you in the fight for meaningful change.

16 04, 2021

Statement on the FedEx Facility Shooting

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It is with both heavy hearts and righteous anger that we learned of the mass shooting in our own community at the FedEx facility. Too often, our nation is waking up, tuning in, and closing our eyes to news of gun violence. We reach out to those affected by this tragedy. We send love and light to them and the community at large. It is important that we acknowledge that our thoughts are not enough. Each time someone is killed by senseless gun violence it is a reminder that our systems are not working for a vast majority of our population. Action is necessary. Peace Learning Center stands with our community and will continue to advocate for change. #IndianapolisStrong

19 02, 2016

Brackets for Good

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Peace Learning Center is excited to be 1 of 64 nonprofits chosen from 281 to take part in the 2016 Brackets for Good in Indianapolis! Last night we were so excited to be at the pep rally that was sponsored by Celadon. Brackets for Good allows nonprofit organizations to compete in a March Madness style bracket competition to out fundraise their opponents.If you are interested in learning more about Brackets for Good, visit their website here. The first round begins on Friday, February 26th. Tip off is at 8:00 p.m. and the competition begins! Round 1: The ball is in our court until 7:59:59 p.m. on Friday, March 4th when the first round closes. We need YOU on our team! How can you be a part of Team PLC during the Brackets for Good challenge? 1. Score Peace Learning Center points by donating directly through the Brackets for Good website. You can set up a profile through their website that will allow you to easily donate when the clock is running down. This is an absolutely secure website so no concerns about your credit card information being stolen. Remember, the only way we move on is to win the bracket and only donations through the official website count! For every dollar given, Team PLC scores! 1 point = $1  2. Sink those buzzer beaters! When you go to donate directly through the Brackets for Good website you will be given the option to make your donation a "buzzer beater." These shots, like in basketball, can make or break a game. When

21 11, 2014

November 2014 – PLC News

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"I don't need a holiday or a feast to feel grateful for my children, the sun, the moon, the roof over my head, music, and laughter, but I like to take this time to take the path of thanks less traveled." - Paula Poundstone         While we have many things to be grateful for this upcoming holiday season, we still find ourselves wishing there was more peace and justice in the world right now.In this month's PLC newsletter we've included a few of the ways we're trying to create more peace and justice in our community while also sharing how you can do so as well - which includes participating in a coat and blanket drive for the homeless. In addition, regardless of the outcome of the grand jury's decision in the Ferguson, Missouri case, it has brought to light injustices occurring in our country which desperately need to be addressed. Tim Nation, PLC's executive director, shares our organizational response to this situation - as we believe it is an issue which impacts all cities across the United States. Click here to view the entire newsletter.

24 02, 2014

February’s PLC News – Do you choose fear or love?

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LOVE is what we were born with. FEAR is what we learned here. - Marianne Williamson - Yet another Valentine's Day has come and gone this year, but love is still in the air this month (at least it is here at PLC) which is why we decided  it was worth pondering LOVE and, its evil step sister, FEAR. Our mission is to educate, inspire, and empower people to live peacefully which is why love and fear are so important for us to consider. After all, it is very hard to live in peace when you are living in fear.So, in this issue of the Peace Learning News, we will explore the power of both love and fear while also sharing tips and new program opportunities with you that will help bring more peace and love into your life. Click here to view our February 2014 edition of the PLC News.

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