19 02, 2015

Grow Yourself – Cooperation

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COOPERATION The meaning of this word is "The process of working together to the same end." Wow! Rather a "loaded" definition wouldn't you say? If you really think about it, no one would be where they are today without the cooperation of other individuals who've come and gone through their lives. Does cooperation and teamwork go hand in hand? Working together isn't always easy is it.  There are differences of opinions of how "it"should be done.  Personal feelings get in the way, conflict erupts, compromises are made, someone doesn't feel heard, someone is not pulling their weight, intimidation, cultural differences, intergenerational differences....The list goes on and on and on. Sometimes "it" gets accomplished in a very smooth way and everyone walks away happy, with a sense of pride and accomplishment, learning from each other's experiences, knowledge, education, and maybe even making a new friend along the way. Sometimes "it" doesn't get accomplished because of all these differences and everyone walks away unhappy, angry, upset, and blaming others.  This is where the PLC can step in and help. The PLC offers workshops on conflict, intergenerational understanding, team problem solving, diversity and more. Click here for more information on these workshops. Here are some tips to help you be a more "cooperative" individual:  1).  Be Present - Be in the now: Be open and honest.  Have clarity about yourself and what talents you can "bring to the table" and what you can "take away from the table". Be willing to take a chance and

1 07, 2014

Volunteer of the Month!

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Volunteer of the Month: Peace Learning Center would like to recognize Keir Morris as volunteer of the month!  Keir is a longtime supporter of the PLC and has served on our board, hosted PLC fundraisers, and helped us with many other events. Jay Horan, our volunteer and intern coordinator, has worked closely with Keir and says, “Keir is a joy to have around the PLC.  Her infectious positive attitude and out-going personality are always a highlight of anything she is a part of.  Recently, at a volunteer night at Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility, I had the opportunity to watch Keir connect with some of the youth through laughter and kindness and I felt proud to have her representing Peace Learning Center once again.” Thank you Keir for everything you have done for our organization.  We are very grateful to have you on our team!

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