The Mindful Path – Improving Competency in Social and Emotional Learning

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Hello again from guest blogger, Lisa Robinson!  Let’s explore how to improve our abilities in the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies as characterized by CASEL at .  In this post, we’ll cover Self-Awareness and Self-Management.  (Next week’s post will cover the remaining three competencies). This discussion will focus on how adults (teachers, parents, others) can improve their own SEL competencies.  It’s important for us to begin by understanding where we have strengths and opportunities, and then take intentional action to make improvements.  We can use this personal experience to most effectively support others who will benefit from enhancing their SEL competency. Self-Awareness In this competency, you accept responsibility for your own emotions and thoughts, and understand their influence on behavior.   If you are skilled in this competency, you demonstrate knowledge of your own strengths, weaknesses, and personal preferences.  You express your emotions skillfully and appropriately. However, if you’ve ever been surprised by how you behaved in reaction to something or felt as if you were out of control, it doesn’t mean that you’re unable to make positive changes.  The key is in understanding what drives your behavior and then making a conscious choice instead of simply reacting. To improve on your self-awareness, mindfulness can be a great tool.  Meditation, following your breathing, and exercising are just a few options that can help you to focus on the present and become more grounded.  Taking time to reflect on what