The Mindful Path – Students Learn Peace Through Mindfulness

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Hello from guest blogger, Lisa Robinson! In this post, I want to tell you about an excellent resource for teachers who want to help themselves and their students learn to use mindful practices. Here’s a link to the site "Mindful Teachers - Living, Learning, and Teaching with Mindful Awareness": Mindful Teachers provides a blog, free resources and lesson plans, and many other resources. If you are a teacher or a parent interested in sharing mindfulness with students, you will find excellent information here. Here you’ll find description of a Pebble Meditation that helps students cultivate internal peace so that they can share this approach with the world around them: The process uses four pebbles, mindful breathing, and visualization. See more details in the book “Teach, Breathe, Learn,” by Meena Srinivasan. I hope that you enjoy the wide range of resources at the "Mindful Teachers" site. Please leave any questions or comments you may have in the section below. I wish you the peace and satisfaction that can come from experiencing mindfulness.