21 05, 2015

Summer “Break”

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School is out for summer. Once those doors close, kids aren't welcomed back until August. Exploring nature during Peacebuilders Camp! Think about it - here in Indianapolis that is 221,664 youth, 19 years and under, who need adults to take care of them. While summer break is shorter for most youth because of balanced calendars (school is out for two weeks in fall, winter and spring) it still averages around 9 weeks. Youth are in school at least 180 days a year by law - that leaves 185 "out of school" days. While our city enjoys new school choices through new charter, magnet and private schools, I've witnessed a decline in youth enrichment programs that focus on out of school time. The Kaleidoscope Youth Center recently closed as did Ruth Lilly Health Education Center's building at 22nd and Senate. Now, Marian University runs Ruth Lilly Health Education’s programs through outreach. What happened? Because of multiple factors including funding, testing and competition for class time, many students do not go on field trips or only take one-two field trips a year versus the nearly monthly field trips they enjoyed before. In response to this trend, Peace Learning Center has modified our programs to go directly into classrooms, offices, and communities. While many of the field trip programs to Eagle Creek Park and Peace Camp in southern Indiana ended during the great recession due to school budget cuts, we still

19 05, 2015

Summer Adventures

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Even adults have fun during summer programs at PLC! While summer camp opportunities might be declining for many children, there are still so many unique summer camps and other adventures at PLC and beyond that await exploration! Click here to read an Indy Star article featuring 45 local camps for your kids to enjoy! Or, if you're up for an adventure this summer, be sure to to read this article about 12 Adult Summer Camps that will Awaken your Inner Child. I remember going to summer camp and dreading it when I was a child. Camp was the same thing every day.... arts and crafts, taking a hike, playing tag, eating a peanut butter or bologna sandwich and a banana for lunch, and then "hanging out" with volunteers watching over us, or "babysitting," until the day ended. Summer at the Peace Learning Center. Wow, how times have changed! They make me wish I could have a "do over". So much to do, so much to see, so much to learn!! Summer at the PLC..... I love the sound of those words as much as I love to hear the buses and vans pull into our parking lot. Excited youth get off the bus, ready for a day of fun. The hustle and bustle of it all. Enthusiastic voices and laughter ring through the building as youth participate in learning activities, nature hikes and more. There is nothing quite

9 04, 2015

2015 Climate Camp

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Climate Camp sponsored by Earth Charter Indiana, Youth Power Indiana, and HEART: Learn about our climate predicament along with sustainability solutions and civic action opportunities. Enjoy locally grown food, nature hikes, bike rides and make some new friends! July 20-24, 2015 Open to greater Indy youth and teens, 4-12th graders $50 camp fee includes lunch For more information, email Jim Poyser at jimpoyser@earthcharterindiana.org Click here to apply online. Watch this short video to learn more about the Climate Camp experience:

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