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Can We Help Build Your "Team"? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the term "team" in its simplest form; "A group of people who work together."  At Peace Learning Center, we think it's a little more complicated than that.  At the very least, our notion of an effective team is any group, small or large, working towards a common goal or objective that demonstrates the ability to: Manage and overcome conflict in positive ways Encourage dialogue with dignity and respect Appreciate and leverage the team's diversity Ensure all voices and perspectives are heard Build consensus Contentiously improve The complexity and content of our Community Programs and the "teams" we serve continues to grow.  This year our workshop objectives included everything from better understanding personality styles to strategic planning (Our belief is that a gifted, talented group of professional leaders cannot create a sound strategic plan if they don't know how to work/talk together!).    Organizations we served this past year included teams from the Teaching, Non-profit, Medical, Government, Faith-based, Military, Corporate, and Youth Service Provider fields.  All workshops were different and designed to best meet the needs of each particular team.  One recent participant said of a team building workshop, "I absolutely DREADED coming to this, but I'm leaving feeling happy with a renewed commitment to my team and teammates - thank you!"  Now that's the kind of response we like!   Let us know if you think we can help your team.  You