1 07, 2014

Volunteer of the Month!

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Volunteer of the Month: Peace Learning Center would like to recognize Keir Morris as volunteer of the month!  Keir is a longtime supporter of the PLC and has served on our board, hosted PLC fundraisers, and helped us with many other events. Jay Horan, our volunteer and intern coordinator, has worked closely with Keir and says, “Keir is a joy to have around the PLC.  Her infectious positive attitude and out-going personality are always a highlight of anything she is a part of.  Recently, at a volunteer night at Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility, I had the opportunity to watch Keir connect with some of the youth through laughter and kindness and I felt proud to have her representing Peace Learning Center once again.” Thank you Keir for everything you have done for our organization.  We are very grateful to have you on our team!

18 03, 2014

Volunteer Group of the Month

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The Volunteer group of the month goes to Art to Remember.   Art to Remember recently spent time working in our be the change project installing a repurposed wall treatment, creating a mosaic, and completing many other house hold projects.  Lesli Butler, public ally and be the change coordinator, said   “Working a long side with Art to Remember was an absolute delight! I’ve never seen such a large group of volunteers work so cohesively; they were a well, oiled machine and not satisfied until they’d finished the projects at hand. They’re enthusiasm created a buzzing, positive energy for be the change the day they volunteered at Peace Learning Center. They accomplished more than I imagined, and I will never forget the amazing work they did.” Thank you to Art to Remember!   We are so appreciative of your time and talents!

26 02, 2014

PLC Volunteer & Intern Coordinator Jay Horan is a 2014 Journey Fellow!

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Twenty-two new professionals from youth serving organizations from across Indiana have been selected for the 2014 Journey Fellowship for New Professionals.  In response to a growing need to grow the pool of talented new professionals in the field of youth work, this Journey Fellowship was created in 2010 and funded by the Lilly Endowment Inc. The Journey Fellows for New Professionals will embark on an expedition to develop themselves and their careers in youth development.  This unique opportunity is meant to support emerging leaders in their quest to get grounded, get connected and get going; making their mark in the field and making a difference in young people’s lives throughout Indiana. “This Fellowship is about keeping these young youth workers in the field of youth development and helping them become the new leaders in the field to improve services and programs for young people.”  says Tom Plake, Journey Leader. Each of the twenty-two participants in the Journey Fellowship for New Professionals will attend a series of residential retreats designed to create new ways of thinking about and practicing youth work within existing systems and youth programs. Fellowship participants will be awarded career advancement scholarships, and be supported to make a difference within their local organizations or communities. “We know that youth workers play a vital role in the lives of young people.  It has been documented in dozens of ways that youth who enjoy positive relationship with adults over time

18 10, 2013

October Volunteer of the Month!

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Peace Learning Center would like to recognize Lisa Robinson as the volunteer of the month!! Lisa has been gracious enough to offer her skills and talents in the development of a new online course that will be used as a resource for our program participants! Kristina Hulvershorn has had the pleasure of working closely with the Lisa and says, "Lisa came in and with her quiet wisdom helped us create a tool that will allow us to reach thousands more people a year.  She is an incredible talent and we are incredibly lucky to be able to call her our volunteer!” Thank you Lisa for everything you have done for our organization.  We are very lucky to have you on our team!

12 09, 2013

Volunteer Group of the month: Duke Realty

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Peace Learning Center would like to recognize Duke Realty as the volunteer group of the month!! Eleven passionate employees joined us for a full day of service and we were amazed by everything they were able to do in just one day!  While here the group worked hard on building enhancements.  The PLC has never looked so great!  Kristina Hulvershorn has had the pleasure of working closely with the group and says, "Duke Realty came here eager and ready to help us.  They were so kind and seemed very  motivated by our mission.  Each person took on a task and put so much love and hard work into it.  Everything they did makes it a little easier for us to do our work to make Indianapolis a more peaceful place!”

21 08, 2013

Volunteer of the Month

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Peace Learning Center would like to recognize Ron Hugar as the volunteer of the month!! Ron jumped right into volunteering with the PLC and has been willing to help us with anything!  He has been seen organizing, filing, researching and helping with program implementation!  Lisa Jones has had the pleasure of working closely with Ron and says, "I'm so glad Ron volunteered to help me get a few things in order and organized.  His help in getting my file pile caught up sure did take a lot off my plate. He's such a nice person, I look forward to working with him again!" Thank you Ron for everything you have done for our organization.  We are very lucky to have you on our team!

26 07, 2013

Ashley Schwartzkopf, Tiffany Tibbot, and Lymari Quintana

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Peace Learning Center would like to recognize Ashley  Schwartzkopf, Tiffany Tibbot, and Lymari Quintana  as the volunteers of the month!! These wonderful ladies joined us as summer interns/volunteers and have been a tremendous addition to our program staff! Clare Wildhack-Nolan and Mame Keita, youth development facilitators, worked closely with them and said, "This summer had been amazing and fun with our new interns. Ashley, Tiffany and Lymari jumped in with enthusiasm. They shared their unique personalities and styles with the PLC staff and all the summer groups. They were always positive, willing to help and we could always depend on them to step up. After just a few weeks, they were able to facilitate groups by themselves for an entire week. We appreciate that they lived the PLC values as well as their willingness to do the grunt work of ordering pizza, putting away chairs and cleaning bathrooms. They showed great commitment to peace and youth. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts." Thank you ladies for everything you have done for our organization.  We are very lucky to have you on our team!

21 05, 2013

Sr. Cathy Campbell

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Peace Learning Center could not accomplish everything that we do without the help of our amazing volunteers.  It takes a lot of hands and hearts to educate, inspire and empower people to live peacefully.  Sister Cathy Campbell was honored as our January 2013 Volunteer of the Month: Sr. Cathy has been extremely involved in our Focus2020 initiative and has been seen facilitating at Listening Tours, helping at the Chautauqua and workshops, and tabling for events. Community Programs Director, John McShane, has had the pleasure of working very closely with Sr. Cathy and says, “That every time he sees her he is reminded that none of us are ever alone because she has a way of just being there, for everyone." Thank you Sr. Cathy for everything you have done for our organization.  We are very lucky to have you on our team! If you are interested in finding our more about volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved with the Peace Learning Center please contact our Volunteer and Intern Coordinator, Jay Horan, at jhoran@peacelearningcenter.org.

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