22 12, 2014

2015 MLK Community Festival Workshops

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Last year's "The Ain't Too Late Show" workshop Plan to attend the engaging, entertaining and educational workshops which will be presented by our community partners during Peace Learning Center's 17th Annual MLK Community Festival on Saturday, Jan. 17 from 11-3 pm at CTS! #2015MLKIndy #1 Identifying Assets and Creating Change Presented by Public Allies Indianapolis (Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center) This workshop will focus on the impact the community can have while facing adversity and critical changes that occur over time. Adults and youth would both be engaged in the dialogue. This includes seeking input on how they are contributing to creating and sustaining inclusive communities. The dialogue on empowering families through pipelines to success (highlighting the universal attribute of leadership ability) will be to inject an optimistic, encouraging tone to the conversation. It is important that there is a focus on how families can be successful, despite the inundation of negative influences. #2 Kids on the Block Puppet Troupe: Multiculturalism Presented by Joseph Maley Foundation The JMF Kids on the Block Puppet Troupe (KOB) tours central Indiana elementary schools, youth organizations, hospitals, and special events while utilizing the performance of puppetry to impart lessons of acceptance. Puppeteers are eighth-grade students who train with JMF staff and work with child-size puppets to present skits and facilitate question and answer sessions with audience members. The multiculturalism skits address topics and generate questions on identifying one’s own culture, stereotyping, and feeling

14 08, 2014

Workshops Being Accepted for 2015 MLK Festival

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The Peace Learning Center’s MLK Community Festival invites interested nonprofit organizations to submit a workshop proposal to the 2015 MLK Community Festival. We have incorporated interactive, educational workshops into the longstanding MLK Community Festival (on its 17th year!) in an attempt to help citizens be proactive and knowledgeable on issues affecting our community. Deadline: Sept 12, 2014 Criteria to apply: Organizations must be a nonprofit that develops a family-friendly, interactive workshop on an issue relevant to our community. Workshops must be 30 minutes in length and accommodate 10-30 participants. Apply here: https://goo.gl/cwdbbY The first seven organizations to apply and have an accepted proposal will receive a community festival table at no cost.

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