Hello from guest blogger, Lisa Robinson! This month, we continue to explore mindfulness through the lens of personal mindfulness. This has to do with paying attention in the moment with curiosity and openness.

Do you make resolutions for the new year? For a long time, I attempted to set resolutions each year, but found that when I got busy, or distracted, or interested in directing my energy elsewhere, or scared by the magnitude of what I wanted to change, the resolutions faded away and I lost track of them. Rather than get frustrated and fuss at myself for failing Resolutions 101, I decided to focus on making steady improvements throughout each year, no matter how small. What a great difference that has made for me!

I recently came across an amazing Fast Company online article by Warren Berger: https://ow.ly/InR2W. It’s about defining a “beautiful question” for the new year that has the power to call you to action, leading to a breakthrough that changes you. Berger referenced a study that found questions to be more motivating than creating a declaration for what you will do.

Here’s where the reflection part comes in. Define your own beautiful question by identifying your interests, passions, and significant actions that resonate with you. Some of the most effective questions begin with “How,” so begin your beautiful question that way to encourage a broad perspective that draws from your creativity to take action.

Give yourself some time to really think and reflect about what matters most to you. Once you have a beautiful question that gives you goose bumps and inspires you, prepare yourself to take time to explore it fully. Although your question can change if you clarity it over time, don’t think too quickly that you have fully answered it and attempt to let it go. Enjoy this journey and where it takes you.

For more details, see the site for Warren Berger’s delightful book, “A More Beautiful Question” here: https://amorebeautifulquestion.com/.

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below. I hope you enjoy this reflection process that the beautiful question that can result.