Hello from guest blogger, Lisa Robinson! As the new year approaches, are you thinking about welcoming more mindfulness into your life? A great way is to learn to practice mindfulness meditation, where you can start by noting when your mind wanders and bring it back to the present moment by focusing on your breath.

To learn more, here’s a link to an excellent post from the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley:


Lots of interesting and helpful information includes:
• How frequently our minds wander (you may be surprised by how much)
• What happens in our brain when we’re not focused on the present
• A quiz to find out how mindful you are
• How mindfulness meditation can help you disengage from counter-productive rumination

That last point really resonated with me. I know that when I have negative experiences, I can tend to go over them again and again in my mind. But replaying all the details in exquisite detail doesn’t help me get past the negative experience to learn, grow, and have better future experiences.

Practicing mindfulness meditation can help you train your brain over time to let go of negative experiences more easily, assisting you to feel more happiness.

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In my next post, look for more resources and ideas about mindfulness. I hope that you’re enjoying the transition from 2014 into the promise that 2015 holds.