Hello again from guest blogger, Lisa Robinson! Here in this blog, The Mindful Path, I share with you what I find on my journey to mindfulness. This week, let’s explore the Institute for Mindful Leadership at https://instituteformindfulleadership.org/.

At this site, you’ll find a wealth of resources to learn more about the importance of mindfulness for leaders, and about how to become more mindful.

Here is a link to the article “Finding the Space to Lead” on the Institute for Mindful Leadership site: https://ow.ly/BfZ3c

The article was originally in the February 2014 issue of Mindful magazine (for many resources from this publication, go to https://www.mindful.org/).

A sidebar quote in the article made me stop and reflect: “The work of developing leadership presence through mindfulness begins by recognizing how much time we spend in a mental state that has come to be called continuous partial attention.” I had to think about this because I can be far too busy trying to juggle things yet not effectively accomplishing very much. Ouch!

Through that continuous partial attention, I can take in bits and pieces, yet not truly focus so that I can appreciate the whole. This can hamper my ability to manage the team of employees that reports to me in my job. I can end up feeling frazzled and frantic. It just doesn’t work.

Knowing myself, I’ll benefit from getting into a routine of deliberate action. I want to start each week with reflection on where I am as a mindful leader. After that, I can identify what to do next. It might be yoga, meditation, or deliberate mindfulness, such as focusing completely on eating a piece of delicious chocolate, as I described in a past blog post.

I invite you to take advantage of this opportunity. What can you do to be mindful more frequently, and to experience less continuous partial attention?

Please feel free to leave any comments here, or to contact me directly in email at mindfulpath@outlook.com

I hope you enjoy a mindful week. I look forward to sharing more ideas and resources with you in my next post.