Hello from guest blogger, Lisa Robinson! Another resource that can be helpful for increasing mindfulness is Tiny Buddha, which provides a variety of information and resources at .

Have you tried to meditate, but found it challenging? A different approach is recommended in a recent post on Tiny Buddha by Michael Davidson on “A Simple Technique to Quiet Your Mind and Be Present,” which you can access here A Simple Technique.

You might not realize that every day, we don’t pay attention to a lot of sensory information that we might not need to use at a given time. Learning to notice more of this sensory data will help you to become more mindful. You can practice this by focusing on your peripheral vision. Without changing your position or moving your head, identify what else is going on in your environment that you just hadn’t been actively noticing. Davidson suggests that practicing mindfulness using this method provides an experience similar to traditional meditation, but without needing to focus on something such as your breathing, which can be a struggle for some people.

Davidson also notes that noticing the details of what your body is experiencing can also help you learn to become more mindful. A helpful body scan meditation is available through the excellent resource “Stop, Breathe & Think,” which provides a variety of meditations and can be accessed on Apple devices, Android devices, and the Web. To go to the site, click here: Stop Breathe & Think.

I hope that you enjoy expanding your awareness by experiencing some of these resources. If you have any comments or questions, you can type them below. Or, you can contact me directly in email at mindfulpath@outlook.com. Have a great, mindful week!