Hello from guest blogger, Lisa Robinson!

Personal mindfulness can help to ground your day. Something that I really benefit from is to start my day quietly with a cup of coffee and a journal. I write down the first three things that come to mind for which I’m grateful. These can be very simple things. Sometimes, I’m grateful for the cup of coffee in my hands (yes, it’s a large cup). It’s good to go with what comes to mind first and not overthink it.

Then, I write down what will bring me joy. It can be something that I know will happen during the day, or something that I will make the time to do. For me, it can be listening to specific music on the drive to work. It could be planning to bake something after work, or relaxing with my husband and our cat, or exercising.

It’s easy to make this practice your own. You might want to use a computer to document your thoughts. You might want to do it at the end of the day instead of at the start. I flex off an approach in the wonderful book “The Joy of Appreciative Living” by Jacqueline Kelm. Click here for more info: Book Link

My morning mindfulness practice helps me to step back from the jumble of thoughts in my head and to be present in a moment of peace.

I hope that you can also benefit from a practice that helps you ground your day in mindfulness.