The Mindful Path – Intro to a Mindfulness Plan

Hello from guest blogger, Lisa Robinson!  As mentioned in previous posts, this month begins a series of reflections and observations I’ll share as I work my way through the program in the book “Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World” by Mark Williams and Danny Penman.


The first three chapters of the book are a very helpful introduction.

  • Chapter 1 “Chasing Your Tail” makes the point that mindfulness provides awareness that you can use to learn to let go of negative memories and related thoughts.
  • Chapter 2 “Why Do We Attack Ourselves?” explains that when things aren’t going well for us, we tend to focus on what we want but don’t have.  This perpetuates negative thoughts.
  • Chapter 3 “Waking Up to the Life You Have” is about perspective.  When you gain awareness through learning mindful practices, you can view your life from a different place that transforms your experience and removes energy from the negatives.

Mindful awareness can be learned, and it enhances your enjoyment of simple, daily experiences.  I really enjoyed experiencing the “The Chocolate Meditation,” which you can listen to at the link below.

(Yes, it involves eating chocolate.  So if you enjoy chocolate as I do, you’re in for a pleasant experience.  You could substitute another treat if you’re allergic to chocolate or don’t like it).

How Does This Relate to SEL or EQ?

Learning to be aware in the practice of mindfulness is a fundamental skill required to become proficient in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) or in the related competencies of emotional intelligence (EQ).

The benefits of mindfulness are far-reaching, and helpful in many ways.  The Mindful book has a companion web site where you’ll find additional resources:

If you’re reading a copy of the book or try The Chocolate Meditation, I’d like to hear about your experience.  Please feel free to either comment here or contact me directly at

I look forward to sharing more in my next post.  I hope you enjoy a mindful week.



  1. Matthew Ashenfelder July 7, 2014 at 3:24 pm - Reply

    One of the key concepts early in this book are the two modes, Doing mode & Being mode. The first meditation itself has empowered me to identify which mode I am currently in (Confession: I actually used a green bean instead because i didn’t have any chocolate). For me Doing mode has tends to brood problems not solutions. Being mode allows me to perceive events as an experience rather than a to do list. Each moment becomes new and educational because I notice things I haven’t before. This has begun to manifest itself in my life because I have become very aware of my behavior and its emotional triggers. I also found it interesting that mindfulness and meditation actually:
    1. Doubles your life expectancy by increasing your awareness
    2. Changes the physical structure of the insula (brain)

  2. Lisa Robinson August 4, 2014 at 7:53 pm - Reply

    Matthew, thanks for sharing your experience. It sounds like you’re getting some wonderful benefits from mindfulness.


    Lisa Robinson

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