Hello from guest blogger Lisa Robinson! I’ve shared information here previously about the app for Stop, Breathe & Think, a wonderful tool for meditation. It’s an offering from the organization ‘Tools for Peace.’ Last week in Twitter, I saw a message from Tools for Peace board member k.d. lang (yes, the talented singer-songwriter). She shared that on 9/29, a web app version of the meditation tool will be available.

To find out more, go to

I can’t recommend this app enough. I’ve been enjoying it on my iPad, but know that not everyone has an Apple device.

Here’s an image from the link above that provides more details:


If you have wanted to try meditation but didn’t know how to get started, the Stop, Breathe & Think app is a great place to begin. If you already meditate, trying these resources can add value to your meditation practice.

I hope you enjoy a mindful week! I look forward to sharing more resources and ideas with you about mindfulness in my next post. Please feel free to leave any comments here. Or, you can also contact me directly in email at