Hello again from guest blogger, Lisa Robinson.  Mindfulness is being discovered in business as a useful tool to help increase employee productivity and engagement.  It’s about time, since changes in the economy and in workplace expectations have created more stress for employees than ever.

stress The site www.whil.com is dedicated to creating peace of mind by sharing 60-second meditation and other tools to help professionals thrive instead of burning out.  At the Whil site, you can read about how Google, Twitter, Prentice Hall, Aetna Insurance, General Mills, Facebook, Intel, and Time Warner offer mindfulness programs https://meditation.whil.com/article/8-companies-meditation-yoga-naps/ .

You might wonder how a business could justify implementing a mindfulness program.  Intel implemented their program by making a business case that focused on scientific studies that showed the health benefits of medication.  They created a program that met the needs of their highly skilled technical workforce and connected with their company values of innovation, candor, possibility thinking, risk taking, and moving quickly and decisively.

In data gathered from employees who participated in the first year of the program, Intel found that these individuals reported experiencing less stress, more happiness and wellbeing, and also had more new ideas and insights, and could also work more effectively.  https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/price-intel-mindfulness-program-employee

In this video, Aetna Insurance CEO Mark Bertolini talks about the importance of mindfulness in business. https://youtu.be/4A87XJ7iPMI

This site provides additional resources about mindfulness in the workplace: https://www.mindfulnet.org/page9.htm

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I look forward to sharing more resources and information with you in my next post.