Hello from guest blogger, Lisa Robinson. On December 14, 2014, journalist Anderson Cooper presented a segment on the CBS news program, “60 Minutes,” that was about mindfulness. Here’s a link to the video about Cooper’s experience as well as interviews he held with others who benefit from practicing mindfulness:

Video Link

After participating in a mindfulness retreat, Cooper found that mindfulness changed his life, although he didn’t expect this outcome at all. He asked himself if failing to be present meant that he was missing things in his life. After Cooper began meditating frequently, he found that by paying attention to his breath, he could intentionally assist his brain to not react negatively to stress. This enhanced awareness helped Cooper to feel as if he had more time in his life because he was paying attention instead of just rushing through the day.

If you aren’t practicing mindfulness now, but want to consider it, the video will provide you with more information to think about.

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Enjoy a mindful week! I look forward to providing more resources and ideas about mindfulness in my next post.