Hello from guest blogger, Lisa Robinson! This month, my posts will continue to focus on personal mindfulness.

A message came to me in email about author and syndicated columnist Arianna Huffington’s latest book, “Thrive,” where she talks about how a focus on money and power alone will not support a meaningful life. She makes a great case for redefining what success means. Here is a link to the book: https://ow.ly/JRR3q

Some view Huffington as a wealthy person who is out of touch, and controversial because her views have changed over time from being conservative to being liberal. However, what resonates with me is that she encourages each of us to take the time to think carefully about what we want for our life to mean. Huffington is also an enthusiastic champion on the benefits of mindfulness, describing how it helped her recover from burnout in her work.

To see more applicable resources on The Huffington Post, an online news aggregator and blog founded by Arianna Huffington and others, here’s a link to the ‘GPS for the Soul’ section: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/gps-for-the-soul. From the page that opens, you’ll see that you can also click on ‘Third Metric,’ which relates to the content in “Thrive.”

Here’s a post from the delightful online digest, Brain Pickings (https://www.brainpickings.org) that features Huffington’s 2013 Smith College Commencement address where her focus is on redefining success: https://ow.ly/JRTvY.

If you’ve been looking for a call to action that will help you be more fully present in the moment, practicing mindfulness in your own life, consider learning more from the resources above. On your own mindful path, explore what success really means for you, and see where that could take you this year.

Please feel free to provide feedback or ask any questions you might have in the space below.