Hello from guest blogger, Lisa Robinson! In my post last week, I provided a link to a wonderful compassion meditation. If you’re interested in trying the meditation, you can find out how in the post here: https://ow.ly/E2q6M. I have found that this meditation helps me feel a deep sense of gratitude. There are so many good things in this delightfully imperfect life; silently extending kindness to myself and others through meditation reminds me of small, joyful moments that I cherish.

With this being November and Thanksgiving coming up quickly, I think even more of gratitude. In this holiday season, sharing good food and conversation with family and friends is a perfect time for mindfulness. In the past, my holiday interactions were not always without friction. Today I have a different experience because I have changed. I’m much more open to seeing my world through a more broad perspective, and that has made a very positive difference.

As an enthusiastic, beginning photographer who still has much to learn, I think sometimes of scenes in life as opportunities to frame up a shot of what I’m experiencing. I can choose where to place my focus. I found an interesting web site from mindful photographer Maurice Spees, where he offers workshops that provide the opportunity to “experience how refreshing your eyes, unattached from mental cluttering, can enhance your entire life.” His site is here: https://www.mindfulphotography.info/. It would be amazing to attend one of these workshops, but since they’re held in Brunei, that probably won’t happen. It appears that Spees is coming out with a book about his work and perspective soon, and I’ll eagerly look forward to learning more from it.

With cooler days and fewer daylight hours, I find that this is a great time for me to reflect on how I’m experiencing what I love most. I think it’s time for me to tip the balance and do some more projects where I’m thankful for the chance to tap into my creativity. If you also like to take some time for mindful reflection about your current experience of gratitude or would like to give it a try, I encourage you to enjoy the beverage of your choice over the gift of a fresh page of paper or a clean computer screen where you can capture your thoughts.

I hope that you enjoy a mindful week. I look forward to providing more resources and thoughts about mindfulness in my next post. If you have any comments or questions, please either leave them below or feel free to contact me directly in email at mindfulpath@outlook.com