Dear PLC Community,

My name is Jay Horan and I am the Director of Community Engagement at Peace Learning Center.  As a part of my role I am charged with managing our public and program partnerships.  The last few months have been interesting, to say the least.   Our partners are reaching out at high rates requesting support for their staff and communities in regard to social-emotional learning, wellness, regulation and stress management.

Our amazing team took the challenges of our new virtual world and have been able to produce powerful, thoughtful, and engaging workshops so that we are still able to show up for the community in the way that we always have but also in new and exciting ways too.  These past few months we have forwarded our vision and mission to a new level.  A few weeks ago we did a statewide e-training with the Indiana Library Federation where Megan Zanto, Member Engagement Manager said, “Thank you so much for being experts at peace.”  Days after we hosted our first restorative practices training online with over 50 participants from the community and were told, “The presenter was knowledgeable and inclusive. The presentation was informative and interactive!”

What we feared was that our trainings would lose their impact, what we are finding out is quite the opposite!  The virtual format allows for new ways of connecting and our facilitators to gauge in real-time the effect of group learning.  And we’ve been able to widen our reach and scope, having participants join us from different countries and states!  Unsure of what our future holds, we are hopeful that we will be able to gather again, but we are now recognizing the importance of continuing to develop this online platform and providing the public with a parallel track!


Jay Horan

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