To Trust the Process…Tribes cover 1987

Ten smiling students all standing in a line,

The Ministry of Education said, “Test them!” then there were nine.

Nine smiling students found teachers would not negotiate

One shouted “I have a voice too!” then there were eight.

Eight smiling students wanted school to be close to heaven

But when someone bullied them, they were left with seven.

Seven smiling students spoke up, even hits the bricks

One wearied of no change, then there were six.

Six smiling students tried verbal linguistic lessons to survive.

One was bodily kinesthetic, now there were five.

Five smiling students wished their learning styles addressed more.

Teachers said, ”That’s how I learned!” and we were down to four.

Four once eager students, discouraged as can be

Demanded to use technology… and then there were three.

Three lonely students, my rhyme is almost done

Just wanting more connection were soon down to one.

One Lambton Kent teacher, encouraged her superintendent true,

Brought Tribes to the board and then there were two.

Two earnest LK teachers, each talked to one more,

Extolled the value of Tribes Learning Communities and then there were four.

Four sincere LK teachers worked on introducing Tribes strategies late,

Listening, mutual respect, appreciation brought the number up to eight.

Eight dedicated Tribes trainers now, quite a decent team

Fought for all new teachers to learn this process and we soon had sixteen.

Sixteen earnest teachers, doubled six times more

Kids learned, listened and grew and schools filled to one thousand sixty-four.

The morale of this story is the Tribes process works for you

Don’t sit back and complain but learn what you can do!

Kids need caring teachers, safe places, Jeanne Gibbs’ philosophy

The Tribes process made my school a place where kids wanted to be.

Tribes for me has made my teaching life complete

Wish all kids could experience the chance to learn and grow like wheat!

by Shirley Sewell

Tribes Coordinator

Lambton Kent District School Board