Whether or not you have had, or know about, the After School Program training for implementing the Tribes process…here are a few reminders and checkpoints for a healthy and productive after school experience.


These kids have just spent 6+ hours doing school!  If you expect quiet and subdued, you will likely be disappointed.  The best thing about using the Tribes process is that it is designed for groups…to have participation via moving and talking.  Your challenge is to keep it productive, respectful, safe, and grade/age appropriate.


Agreements and Reflection.  Everyday.  Use the vocabulary.   Apply it; use the agreements in your expectations, your directions, your appreciation of the desired behaviors.  Model it; if you are yelling for “quiet!”,  you are modeling yelling and they will be happy to give it back.  Instead, have a hand signal, or an auditory cue and wait for attentive listening.  Practice makes nearly perfect…everyday.  Keep it simple; don’t expect huge change in a few days because you have this great process!  Small steps – the “agreement of the day”, end each day with “appreciations and/or apologies”, welcome students (especially the ones who tend to have exert most ‘influence’ (notice me!) …with an expectation, an acknowledgement, a kind word.  Just one of these actions will have effect.  Add a strategy each week – an energizer during homework, “something good” community circle at the beginning or the end of the day, or just a think-pair-share statement of appreciation – can help set or keep a positive tone.   Be consistent; here is where the value of a staff training can pay off – staff can support one another with consistency in positive expectations and modeling agreements and reflection.  Ask Questions; as your reflections, or simply to check in with students – their behavior, their understanding, and to invite their input.

Check out the forum group for After School Programs and keep informed and get support.  We are here to suggest strategies, connect you with other programs or trainers, and appreciate what you have to offer our online learning community.

If you are interested in the two day (12 hour) training, click here for more information.