Thirty-two cooperative learning experiences and corresponding websites/links have been evaluated, shared, critiqued, appreciated, and arranged into a ‘more effective’ status, called ‘Round Two’.

Yes.  It’s the 31 Day Game.  www.31daygame.net31 day game

And two (of my) favorite Tribes TLC strategies (from are in the ‘sweet 16‘, AKA “round 2”.  Check out these links: and

BTW, there are at least ten known Tribes TLC teachers and/or trainers in the game!  If you are wanting to play , but unfamiliar with the whole “Twitter” experience, contact for help, encouragement, a tutorial.

Initially, it was my goal to expose players to good ideas and good sites/places where they could get suggestions, prompts, and validation.  And I think that happened.  What is really insightful, and enduring, is the rich discussion in the tweeting, and therein is the magnificence of this little game…ideas worth sharing, and professional broadcasting in 140 characters or less.

No only do players get multiple resources, but they get even more from discussion with one another.  Kind of what we hope to have happen in our own classrooms and staff rooms?!

So. Fasten your seatbelts and let’s see what comes up for Round Two.  Players will continue to intensify, influence, ignite, and speak their minds and experience.  Note that not only do the learning experiences compete in structure and application, they also must appeal and relate  – academically, socially, and emotionally.

And.  It’s still not too late to play …or invite a friend to the 31 Day Game, Round Two.