Please join  us in congratulating Brenton Oechsle for being the May Volunteer of the Month!


Peace Learning Center would like to recognize Brenton Oechsle as volunteer of the month! Brenton has been donating his time and talents to work on PLC’s be the change (btc) project that will help residents of Indianapolis understand the impact of their everyday choices on the world around them.  Brenton has been working  to create a video that helps explain the message of btc to the public.

Lesli, our public ally, has been working closely with Brenton and says, “Brenton Oechsle came to help Peace Learning Center simply because we asked him. Prior to asking however, we’d heard of his kind heart and saw some of his beautiful work which helped  us to feel comfortable asking him for his advice and direction. When we did ask him he lived up to his reputation and was so willing and happy to help. He is a delight to be around and very professional. With his direction and skill, he created a beautiful video we feel tells the story of ‘be the change’ in a way we are excited and proud to present.”

Thank you Brenton for everything you have done for our organization.  We are very grateful to have you on our team!