Here comes another offering from Catch the Fire.

Musician and facilitator Rachel Bagby has created an elegant group reflection tool – a new poetic form called dekaaz.  Consisting of three lines with just ten syllables, it’s a simple, fun, and powerful form for distilling and sharing insight.  Dekaaz can consolidate a vast amount of experience into a tiny poem, and the brevity offers a democratic way for many voices to be heard in a relatively short amount of time.  A dekaaz is constructed like this:

  • two syllabes in the first line
  • three syllables in the second line
  • five syllables in the third line


Are Earth’s way

Of laughing out loud

– Jeff Vander Clute, executive director, New Stories

Rachel says a ten-syllable poem doesn’t officially become a dekaaz until you speak it out loud to another living being.  Thus, the dekaaz process is innately interactive.

This entry is from page 115-116 in Catch the Fire.