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Catch the Fire

Details for ‘The AM/FM Conversation’ are on page 87-88 and 91-92.

Here’s the gist:

  • Imagine we each have a radio inside – a metaphor for our inner-speak
  • AM = ‘against me’ conversations, FM = ‘For me’ or Forward Moving conversations.
  • Discuss examples of both kinds of ‘talk’.
  • Have participants draw a vertical line on paper and write down examples of their own AM and FM conversations.  Share in small groups.
  • Now have each person, in small group, practice talking in the ‘FM’.  “If you really knew me you would know…(all ‘FM’ channel).  Reflect on how that felt – both as a speaker and as a listener.
  • Finally, invite everyone in full circle to share one FM statement he/she would like to say to him/herself more often.

This could be a very Influential strategy.

What about using in curriculum?!  Apply the AM/FM channels to literary or historical characters, reasons for knowing algebra/geometry, study skills, test-taking, or topics like ‘social media’.