How about a reminder and/or a fresh idea for Tribes each week?!  For now, you can visit the forum on this site for the feature “weekly Tribes” for just that.  We offer a pertinent or timely strategy, a reminder for incorporating more reflection, an idea for …whatever you might request.

This week’s entry is for those of you starting the first week of school.  Even if you have been in school for some time, this might be a strategy you can still use.  Combine the strategies of “what’s in my name” and “bubble letters”.

Invite students to write a name poem – you can incorporate language mechanics, conventions, standards, etc. to make it more than just simple inclusion, if you like….

K – Kind of likes vegetables

A – Always tries, ardently, to sleep in a few more minutes (add an adverb)

T – Tries to tell the truth, totally (alliterative)

E – Every time I can, I pick up litter; I don’t touch gross stuff. (use a semicolon)

Then, invite students to create the bubble letter cut-out of their names.  On this, they can draw, or otherwise visually represent their interests, accomplishments, goals, dreams, etc.

Put the two together and you have a linguistic, visual, intra-personal representation of each student to display for your up-coming back to school event.

As always, let your objectives be known, and reflect on the experience.  And don’t hesitate to share your comments and reflections with us in the forum.