This blog is submitted by Stephanie, a recent student in the online course Tribes TLC X.

Tribes definitively contains the right ingredients that help children and even adults develop the fundamental skills for life effectiveness, as the process of Tribes transforms the people and classrooms through the student-centered active-learning process. By consistently using Tribes as a template in this evolving world, it is the only way positive change will happen for our children, our community, our world, and us. To get there we must model and demonstrate respect, safety, affirmation, trust and care. To make change, we need to be the change. Being trained in Tribes has been an eye-opener, and motivates me to continue to implement what I have learned about Tribes TLC process in my program planning, as I provide support programs for social skills and coaching for children and youth with emotional, behavioral and social challenges. The Tribes TLC process has definitely enhanced building the positive learning environment that promotes to build social responsibility, mutual respect and belonging.

Tribes activates one of the core SEL (Social, Emotional Learning) competencies of relationships. Through relationship skills, it demonstrates forming positive relationships, recognizing and being aware of emotions, self-regulation, developing caring and concern for others, working in teams, and dealing effectively with conflict. Students learn to appreciate the perspectives of others, solve problems, and use a variety of interpersonal skills to handle the challenges of growing. In addition, they are able to establish practices that build trust and rapport among and between students and adults. During the process of building a rapport, we focus on the growth of our students, encouraging resiliency. Thus, with positive relationships and engaging in dialogue, we are able to provide support for the social-emotional-academic connection. Which in turn can help decrease the non-academic behavioral effects such as drug use/abuse, teen pregnancy, and violence, as well as dropouts and school failure. As teachers, we work in rhythm with our students, supporting their individual abilities, interests and needs. Further, we can all make a difference in this world. Each professional or trainer in Tribes brings a specific set of skills, expertise and perspective, and contributes to the overall goals/interventions and strengthens our services, maximizing the students’ outcome.