Tim Nation
Tim NationExecutive Director & Co-Founder

Tim Nation is Cofounder and Executive Director of Peace Learning Center. Tim previously served as the first Indiana AmeriCorps Director and Director of the Indiana Board of Pharmacy. He is a graduate of Indiana State University and a Terre Haute native.

Dountonia Batts
Dountonia BattsAssociate Director

Dountonia S. Batts has 17+ years of experience as a DEI and racial equity practitioner, consultant, advocate, and educator partnering with government agencies, organizations, academic institutions, businesses, faith-based initiatives, and communities seeking to advance their mission by promoting DEI values.

Lisa Jones
Lisa JonesDirector of Human Resources & Administration

Lisa Jones has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 23 years, spending the last 15 years at Peace Learning Center with positions in human resources, accounting, and administration. She attended MATC and IUPUI.

Jay Horan
Jay HoranDirector of Engagement

Jay Horan is the Director of Engagement at Peace Learning Center. She received her B.A. in Marketing and Business Creation & Development from Marian University. Jay joined Peace Learning Center’s team shortly after graduating in 2010.

Joe Gunn
Joe GunnDirector of Development

Joe Gunn has over 15 years of experience in the non-profit sector. Previously, he has worked in youth development, fundraising, disability services, and advocacy. His job duties at PLC include program evaluation, donor relations, and fundraising.

Anita Jackson
Anita JacksonDirector of Community Care

Anita Jackson has 11 years of experience working with nonprofits. Her Bachelor’s degree is from IUPUI in Education and she is currently pursuing her MPA in Nonprofit Management from the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs at IUPUI. Anita is originally from Louisville, KY but has resided in Indianapolis for 24 years. She has two adult children.

Kristina Hulvershorn
Kristina HulvershornDirector of Restorative Practices

Kristina Hulvershorn has seen that human beings aren’t doing right by our planet, our fellow animals, or by one another. She firmly believes that there are better ways to exist on this planet. She is passionate about using education, compassion, and creativity to uncover them and create meaningful ways for us to live in ways that are aligned with our ethics.

Brooke Shoopman
Brooke ShoopmanDirector of Social Emotional Learning

Brooke Shoopman’s passion for teaching junior high quickly grew into a pressing need to learn about the practices and policies that help students thrive. With the unending support of colleagues and the guidance of amazing practitioners, she dove headfirst into the world of social-emotional learning.

Iliana Enriquez
Iliana EnriquezSpanish Specialist, Facilitator-Coordinator

Iliana Enriquez has BSPA in Civic Leadership with minors in Spanish and Public Management. One of her most valuable experiences from her undergraduate career was being a social justice scholar. As a social justice scholar, she was able to grow her passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion. She takes that passion and implements it in all facets of her life.

Mame Keita
Mame KeitaFacilitator-Coordinator

Mame Keita has a Master of Law from McKinney School of Law, formerly IUPUI School of Law. After she graduated she joined Public Allies, and AmeriCorps program that matches young leaders who desire to make a difference in their community with nonprofit organizations.

Liz Guadiana
Liz GuadianaSpanish Specialist, Facilitator-Coordinator

Liz Guadiana is currently attending Ivy Tech and will transfer to IUPUI in 2022 to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. The experience of learning about our criminal justice system cultivated her passion for social justice, criminal justice reform, and civil rights.

Clare Wildhack-Nolan
Clare Wildhack-NolanFacilitator-Coordinator

Clare Wildhack-Noaln is deeply committed to doing equity through the lens of education and facilitation, because from a young age her heart broke when she realized that the values of love and caring that she was taught growing up were not extended to all people.

Angie Ziliak
Angie ZiliakFinance Manager

Angie Ziliak has worked for 35 years in the finance and accounting field focusing on nonprofit organizations. Professional experience includes public accounting, Medicare/Medicaid claim providers, healthcare insurance, and real estate.

Lynnea Redmon
Lynnea RedmonFacilitator-Coordinator

Lynnea Redmon-Williams is a certified life strategies coach and therapeutic crisis intervention specialist with over two decades of public speaking and community support experience. She has experience in team building with non-profit organizations and businesses.

Katrina Brown
Katrina BrownFacilitator-Coordinator

Katrina Brown earned her Bachelors in Sociology and English Literature from Ball State University in 2019. She is a lifelong scholar committed to the liberation of all people and spends her personal and professional life in pursuit of meaningful ways to build and heal communities.

Hillary Duncombe
Hillary DuncombeFacilitator-Coordinator

Hillary has been preparing K-12 and adult learners for the actualities of academia and real-world applications for over 15 years. Additionally, her experiences include professional development facilitator, Haitian Creole Liaison and various learning modalities of behavioral science. Hillary Duncombe is a graduate of Full Sail University.

Heidi Fledderjohn
Heidi FledderjohnFacilitator-Coordinator

Heidi brings nearly 30 years of experience as a therapist in mental health, mind/body medicine and community facilitation to the Peace Learning Center. She has a MA and is a board-certified Dance/movement Therapist, a registered yoga teacher and Instinctive Meditation coach.