1 12, 2020

Our Story of 2020

We did not have to end our services. We did not have to let employees go. We did not close the doors of Peace Learning Center for good. But all of that could have been the case in this unprecedented year if it had not been for the support

22 10, 2020

Peace in the Time of COVID-19

by Naeemah Jackson, Director of Family Programs There are myriad definitions for the word Peace.  For some it simply means an absence of violence or anger or conflict.  However, the concept of Peace covers an incredibly wide range of thoughts and feelings. In the Family Peace Workshops that I

22 07, 2020

The Power of Youth

by Clare Wildhack-Nolan Whenever I am fortunate enough to be facilitating a  group of young people, I first connect to them by acknowledging and lifting up their power as leaders, not in the future, but now. They are and can be leaders for peace. I  ask them to raise

26 06, 2020

Summer at PLC

by Tim Nation, Executive Director While the school year is over, it is not time for a break at Peace Learning Center. Our team facilitates training and workshops for youth and adults throughout the summer. We are getting many requests for help with equity education including implicit bias and

10 06, 2020

A New Chapter for Peace Learning Center

When Jeanne Gibbs wrote the first Tribes book in the 1970’s, little did she realize that the Tribes Learning Community process would help build community in educational settings well into the 21st century. In the last 25 years, with the support of many dedicated staff and district trainers, Tribes has

22 05, 2020

To Our PLC Community

Dear PLC Community, My name is Jay Horan and I am the Director of Community Engagement at Peace Learning Center.  As a part of my role I am charged with managing our public and program partnerships.  The last few months have been interesting, to say the least.   Our partners

23 04, 2020

İBienvenidos al Peace Learning Center!

İBienvenidos al Peace Learning Center! Working as a Spanish Specialist at PLC means a lot of things. Put simply, we are the bilingual facilitators. We translate youth and adult resources from English into Spanish, we facilitate youth and adult programs in Spanish, we adapt bilingual programs to meet the

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